Which thermometer is the best for the baby?

With the spread of new coronaviruses, it is especially important to strengthen the body’s immunity, In addition to eating well and sleeping well, don’t go to crowded places, wear masks when going outside, and wash your hands frequently. Monitor your body temperature daily, Do not get sick!

The normal temperature of the human body is between 36 and 37 ° C.) Exceeding 37.3 ° C is fever. The danger of life at any time above 40 ° C.

There are various types of thermometers on the market. What kind of thermometer is the best for the baby?

1. Mercury thermometer

Mercury thermometers are still the most commonly used thermometers. They can be used to measure the temperature of the underarms and the mouth and rectum.

Advantages: cheap price, small size and easy operation. The structure of glass is relatively dense and the performance of mercury is very stable, it has the characteristics of accurate indication and high stability.

Cons: Mercury is toxic. Mercury thermometers are made of glass, which is easy to break. The mercury in it, will cause physical damage such as brain and liver damage if it is leaked by mistake, inhaled or exposed to a certain amount. So it is not recommended for babies.

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2. Digital Thermometer

The commonly used electronic thermometer can be regarded as the electronic version of the traditional mercury thermometer. It is easy to use, the measurement time is short, and the result can be produced in about 1 minute. It is more suitable for active children.

Advantages: First of all, it is safe, because most electronic thermometers are made of engineering plastics that are not afraid of falling. In the process of use, if the baby is crushed and thrown away, you don’t need to worry about the broken glass cutting people or mercury poisoning.

Secondly, the LCD screen of the electronic thermometer body is more convenient to read the temperature. Some thermometers also have the function of memory or timing. These are also very practical for measuring the temperature of the baby.

Disadvantages: The measurement stability is slightly worse than that of the glass thermometer and requires frequent calibration. Because the accuracy of the displayed value is affected by factors such as electronic components and battery power, it is not as good as a glass thermometer.

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3. Ear Thermometer

The ear thermometer is a non-contact telemetry type temperature measuring instrument. Its principle is that objects at different temperatures generate different infrared spectra. The infrared detector in the ear thermometer can detect the infrared spectrum emitted by the eardrum to measure body temperature.

Advantages: short measurement time, convenient reading, does not require the baby to cooperate for a long time. Before the measurement, the parents gently straighten the baby’s auricle, block all the ear thermometers to the external ear canal, and then turn on the measurement.

Disadvantages: the price is more expensive, there will be some errors if the parents do not operate correctly. If your baby has a lot of earwax in the ear canal or the measurement time is too long, it will affect the accuracy. In addition, it should be reminded that babies under 3 months are not recommended for ear canal temperature measurement, because the baby’s ear canal is delicate, and it may hurt the child.

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4. Infrared thermometer (frontal thermometer / temporal artery thermometer)

Forehead thermometer: a handheld infrared induction thermometer, which is a commonly used thermometer in hospitals, which measures the temperature of the human forehead.

Temporal artery thermometer: Use an infrared scanner to measure the temperature of the temporal artery. The temporal artery is pressed against the skin through the forehead. This is the most practical way to measure the temperature of children over 3 months. It is easy to operate, especially when the child is asleep. Recent research has found that this also applies to children under 3 months.

Advantages: fast reading, temperature can be displayed in 1 second, without direct contact with the human body, the baby can also measure while sleeping, and avoid contact infection.

Disadvantages: The results are easily disturbed by external factors, such as outdoor temperature, light, radiation, etc., so they are not accurate and need to be measured several times; in addition, the price is much higher compared to those mercury thermometer.

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